IndiGo has denied having any plans to operate to Delhi or Coimbatore.

It may be recalled that the Air Traveller’s Association (India) had issued a statement on January 28 that IndiGo would operate Delhi-Vizag-Coimbatore-Vizag-Delhi sector with effect from February 15.

In fact, the ATA (I) had even announced the flight schedule. Some readers said that the airline had neither placed the schedule on their website nor started ticket sales on the ‘proposed flight’. A spokesman of IndiGo said that there was no such plan. “We would have conducted a market survey and taken the inputs from air travel agencies, if we had any such plan,” he said.

“The local representatives of IndiGo may not be aware of the proposal but we had received confirmation from Delhi that they would operate from February 15. They, however, gave up the decision following protests at the Coimbatore Chamber of Commerce against re-routing of the flight through Vizag. They wanted only a direct flight to Delhi,” ATA (I) president D. Varada Reddy claims.