The State-level Coordinator for Oil Industry in Andhra Pradesh has appealed to people not to resort to panic booking for LPG cylinders since all their genuine demands will be fully and continuously met and that availability is adequate.

In a press release, consumers were urged to be vigilant about diversion of domestic LPG cylinders for commercial use, including in auto-rickshaws.

Anyone aware of such diversion can report to Indane Gas: Hyderabad 27667277, Vijayawada 0866-2546704, Visakhapatnam 0891-2754021; Bharat Gas: Hyderabad 2705331, Vijayawada 2871930, Kurnool 08518-237818, Chennai 044-26142013; HP Gas: Hyderabad 27716349, Vijayawada 2872082, Visakhapatnam 25676890, Anantapur 08554-242287.

Customers can contact the telephone numbers if they have any complaints regarding refill booking or delay in supplies.