Legal Correspondent

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh Commission for Backwards Classes did not adopt any consistent method or logic in collection of data or its analysis while preparing the report on the backwardness of some Muslim groups for their inclusion in the list of BCs, contended D.Prakash Reddy, senior counsel.

He was arguing before a seven judge bench of the High Court on Monday in the petition challenging reservation for some sections among Muslims. The bench comprising Chief Justice Anil Ramesh Dave, Justice T.Meena Kumari, Justice B.Prakash Rao, Justice D.S.R.Varma, Justice A.Gopala Reddy, Justice V.Eswariah and Justice Goda Raghu Ram was reconvened to hear the arguments on behalf of the petitioners in the batch of writ petitions filed challenging the validity of the action of the government in providing reservation for some sections of Muslims.

Mr Prakash Reddy said that the commission adopted different standards and methods for different groups.

He said that the commission did not truthfully report the statistics collected by it.

He accused the commission of arriving at the decision first and then supplementing the reasons and data. He referred to the bench recommendations of the commission and pointed out that in some cases the commission referred to reports of the Anthropological Survey India but the reference was not accurate.

He said that the commission deliberately omitted some of the data collected by it when the figures regarding the social backwardness were not convenient.

He will continue the arguments on Tuesday.