Fitness enthusiast had developed complications after consuming a white powder, identified as a protein supplement

It will take investigators two more months to learn the cause of death of fitness enthusiast, Mohsin, even as they identified the powder seized from his house as protein supplement.

A businessman in his mid 20s from Farhatnagar of Dabeerpura in old city, Mohsin used to regularly consume the ‘white powder' after work-out.

He fell sick and was rushed to a corporate hospital in the second week of this month after having had milk laced with the powder after returning from gym.

The youngster died two days later. Police registered a case of suspicious death under Section 174 of Criminal Procedure Code following a complaint from his family members.

The complications developed by Mohsin after consuming the white powder, now identified as protein supplement, triggered a debate on the cause of his death.

Dangerous trend

Questions were also raised if it is dangerous to use protein supplements, steroids, or drugs for fitness by amateur body builders and fitness freaks to attain a muscular body. Key to the answer lies in the autopsy report. But, forensic doctors who conducted the post-mortem examination, say it is difficult in this case even to give a short opinion on the cause of death.

The viscera was preserved and sent to the A.P. Forensic Science Laboratory along with the white powder for analysis. The gym coach confirmed that the white powder was a kind of protein supplement. “But he could not confirm if it was of a particular brand or supplied by some local manufacturer,” the Dabeerpura Inspector, D. Prasanna Kumar, said.

The trainer also claimed, according to police, that he didn't suggest that Mohsin use any protein supplement. Police inquiries with other members of the gym indicated that none of them used any protein supplements. The businessman had joined the gym on September 11 and had paid money for a six months package.

Chemical composition

“Investigation from this angle is leaving us with little clues to find out on whose advice the businessmen had started consuming the protein supplement, its exact brand and from whom he procured it,” the police said. Now, the police are waiting to ascertain the chemical composition of the protein supplements and if its traces are present in the viscera.

Based on these findings, the forensic doctors would confirm the cause of death. For that, the police have to wait for at least two more months.