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Motorists forced to park their vehicles on the Dabagardens main road

Margins on either side of the narrow side-lanes encroached Most of them occupied either by vehicles, pushcarts or tea stalls

Visakhapatnam: Close on the heels of the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam (MCV) transforming into Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation (GVMC), the City Police acquired a prized possession which could become the proverbial golden goose for that department. Wondering what is it? It is the crane acquired recently to tow away cars and other vehicles parked on the wrong side.

Traffic rules

Parking of vehicles on main roads is, no doubt, a great hindrance to the smooth flow of traffic and often results in traffic jams and sometimes leads to accidents. While there can be no two opinions that motorists who show scant respect for traffic rules by parking their vehicles at street corners or in the middle of roads should be penalised, the wisdom of the police in taxing motorists for parking their vehicles on the road margins in the absence of adequate parking facilities is baffling. The Dabagardens main road is one such road where motorists are forced to park their vehicles on the road in the absence of cellar parking at most of the shopping complexes. The margins on either side of the narrow side-lanes are occupied either by vehicles or tea stalls. An officer of the State Bank of India's Steel Plant branch, who went along with his family to buy clothes for Pongal, had to go up and down the road for about an hour to locate a suitable place to park his car.

Round Park

He finally managed to park it near the Round Park and had to walk down for about half-a-kilometre along with his family for the big buy. Then, there is also the problem of carrying all the things back. Even as they were hopping from shop to shop, they were surprised to see a huge crane lifting a car parked on the road. "The move can be justified only when adequate parking facilities are provided. Let the authorities provide sufficient parking lots, and if motorists continue to park their vehicles according to their whims and fancies, they can be penalised,'' he says.

We have heard of cars being towed away by cranes in big cities and now Visakhapatnam has also made the grade.

The other day a beaming Police Commissioner V.S.K. Kaumudi told the media that soon a second crane would be requisitioned. He anticipated a steep rise in his department's revenue in the coming days by way of towing charges.

Well, this is only a beginning, there is more in store for citizens in 'Greater Visakha'.