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Installations in district may not be targets, say police

Search still on for explosives Twelve persons already questioned, says SPComputer training institutes under focus

Bidar: The police have clarified that no bomb has been detected in Bidar. "It is possible that reports of a bomb floating around in the district are false," Superintendent of Police K L Sudhir said here on Tuesday.

The Hyderabad police said on Monday that five bombs were deffused in Hyderabad and Zaheerabad and the sixth one was sent to Bidar. Two terrorists arrested in Hyderabad had confessed to placing these bombs. There was apprehension among the public whether the Bidar Air Force Station, the second most important pilot training centre in the country, was the target of this bomb.

Search still on

"We don't believe that installations or persons in Bidar were the targets of terror," Mr Sudhir told media personnel who met him.

"We have however, not abandoned the search," he said. He said that the district was put on high alert as soon as inputs of the Bidar connection were received from the Hyderabad police. Mr Sudhir said that 12 persons were already questioned and no headway has been made till now.

The Bidar police are also trying to find out who are the people who helped Shahed stay in Bidar before the terror attack on the Task Force office in Hyderabad on October 12.

They are also probing whether the people who helped the Bangladesh-based terrorist Shahed stay in Bidar were part of the conspiracy, Mr Sudhir said. According to Mr Sudhir, the team of the Hyderabad police is yet to arrive in Bidar.

Meanwhile, police sources said that those questioned included a person involved in the business of gelatin sticks, and nitro- glycerine based substances. He supplies such substances to laterite stone quarry owners and those who dig open wells, sources said. Police also focused on computer training institutes in the city and hostels to find out if they had links to Shahed.

Police said that the theory of terrorists using Bidar as a safe haven was proved right after the arrest of a Jaish-e-Mohammad activist in Nalgonda in Andhra. "Nalgonda is a three- hour drive from Hyderabad.

So is Bidar. Terrorists may have perceived these two places, along with Vijaywada, as

safe havens, away from the claws of the police," top officials say.