Will Muffakham Jah Bahadur, grandson of the seventh Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, lead a crusade against the neglect and destruction of heritage monuments in Hyderabad?

An earnest appeal was made to the scion of royal family to come forward to lead the fight against the loss of heritage at a book release function here on Sunday. “I wish you would champion the cause.

We will all be the foot soldiers,” urged Tourism secretary Jayesh Ranjan.

Mr. Muffakham Jah, however, didn't say anything, leaving the audience guessing as to his decision. Earlier, he released the book “Splendour of Hyderabad” authored by M.A. Nayeem. The 511- page book covers the period from 1519 to 1948.

Mr. Ranjan expressed concern at the damage suffered by Hyderabadi heritage and said a significant portion of it was lost. If immediate remedial steps were not taken, there was a danger of loosing what was left. “Government is concerned about it,” he said.


Mr. Ranjan deplored the apathy among people to take care of the heritage structures. He gave an example of what civil society could do in Egypt and asked the people to take interest in protecting their heritage.

“Government wants to put Hyderabad on the heritage map of the world,” he said. Complimenting Dr. Nayeem for his book, he said that it would go a long way in understanding Hyderabad. He appreciated that after retirement, Dr. Nayeem was fruitfully utilising his talent and time.

Composite culture

Writer-conservationist Anuradha Reddy said that the composite culture of Hyderabad was still strong and as a result, everyone felt a sense of belonging.

“People here grow up like rose petals in water and not as oil and water which do not mix,” she remarked.

Mehmood Bin Mohammed, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said that some books were to be tasted, some swallowed and few to be chewed and digested. Dr. Nayeem's book belonged to the last category, he said.

  • Muffakham Jah releases book titled ‘Splendour of Hyderabad' authored by M.A. Nayeem
  • Tourism secretray Jayesh Ranjan expresses concern over damage of heritage structures


    Book on city’s heritage releasedApril 15, 2014