HYDERABAD: The highest score in Intermediate second year this year is 992 marks in both the MPC and Bi.P.C. streams and the credit goes to M. Sujita (Bi.P.C.) and Radha Srinu (MPC) of Shankari Junior college, Nizamabad.

Students of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions continued the institution’s tradition of excellence. Y. Ravindra of the MPC stream scored 990 marks, while G. Meenu scored 988 marks. The director B.S. Rao said that 11 students secured 983 marks, while 14 students scored marks between 980 and 982. He said results in MPC were on a par with the excellence exhibited by the institution in the BiPC stream, according to a press release.

The Narayana group said that the institutions achieved a result of 96.5 per cent across the State and more than 14 students scored marks between 980 and 985.