There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. And that's precisely how most of the members of Nirmala Old Students' Association (NOSA) felt at ‘Mythri 2011', the annual reunion held on a grand scale on the school premises on Sunday.

Drawn by the threads of memories that held together the patchwork of their friendship all through these years, the members walked down memory lane.

The reunion was quite an affair bringing together batches of alumni who proudly recalled their fond association with their alma mater. Giving warm hugs to one another, they realised that over the years, they have added gray to their hair or pounds to their torsos. They shared memories and re-told some class jokes. They rolled back the years and chose to remain young for this one day.

The boisterous celebration included songs, dance and other entertainment programmes that kept the visitors entertained all through the evening. The revelry culminated in a supper and the occasion served as a perfect platform to re-kindle the old fervour. An entry into this campus still creates butterflies in the stomach,” said L.V. Ramana Rao, now branch manager of the State Bank of India, Telaprolu.

“Though 40 batches have passed out of this institution, the common thread that binds us together even today is that we all are proud Nirmalites,” said N. Eeswar Prasad, Principal of Kennedy High School and president of NOSA.