Hockey Andhra Pradesh general secretary M. Niranjan Reddy will be accompanying the Indian hockey team to Malaysia as manager, according Mr. Anupam Ghulati, executive director, Hockey India.

In a release here on Thursday, Mr. Gupta said the Guntur-based hockey administrator would be acting as manager of the Indian junior team that he would be taking part in the six-nation invitation 1st Sultan Johor Cup tournament to be held at Johor (Malaysia) from November 5 to 12.

“The team will be leaving from Delhi to Malaysia on November 1”.

Expressing his happiness over his selection as manager, Mr. Reddy said the trip would help him as he could watch the best of teams in action vying for the top honours.

Earlier, Mr. Reddy had accompanied Indian senior teams to several prestigious tournaments both in India and abroad.

“I was with Indian team twice in England and once in Germany and Poland. I acted as manager in the 4-nation international championship and Champions Trophy both held at Chennai in1996.”