Staff Reporter

They committed thefts by diverting attention

ADILABAD: Utnoor police on Friday arrested nine women who formed a gang committing thefts from shops by diverting the attention of shopkeepers. A. Shesh Rao, DSP, and Bheemanna, SI, produced at a press conference the accused Devarakonda Bujji, Chinkuri Venkatalaxmi, Garika Ramana, Jagannatha Jalamma, Meda Seetaramamma, Kampa Seetamma, Ponna Devi, Nallagonda Kausalya and Kampa Ponnamma, all residents of Erakula colony of Ibrahimpatnam in Krishna district.

The accused were arrested following a complaint on October 14 by Katkuri Srihari, a teacher at Utnoor, whose wife ran a cloth shop. The nine accused went to the shop and pretended to make purchases while keeping the attention of the owner Sunitha diverted. They left the shop without making purchases. However, a little later, Sunitha found some clothes and dress material, all worth Rs. 2,500, missing.