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NGO demonstrates vulnerability of EVMs

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Tricky: Volunteers of the Jana Chaitanya Vedika demonstrating the functioning of EVMs in Hyderabad on Thursday.
Tricky: Volunteers of the Jana Chaitanya Vedika demonstrating the functioning of EVMs in Hyderabad on Thursday.

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Jana Chaitanya Vedika (JCV), an NGO, here on Thursday demonstrated the vulnerability of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) to tampering and demanded tools to verify the authenticity of programming inside the chips that were used in the machines.

The JCV, which conducted a similar demonstration at New Delhi recently, claimed that the programming in chips was not readable as it was undertaken by a close group of people abroad. A provision could be made in the chips to ensure the victory of ‘X, Y or Z’ and the same could be enabled at the time of activation of EVMs, V. Hariprasad, managing director of a company that was associated with JCV, told reporters during the demonstration.

Open standards sought

Mr. Hariprasad demanded open standards to read the programme in chips.

It could be done only by buying chips that were vacant and loading the programme in India. Also, tools could be developed to verify whether the programme was genuine or not. He also said the swapping of cables at control units which were operated by the presiding officers in voting booths could result in votes polled for Assembly candidates getting transferred to Parliamentary candidates and vice versa.

This was the biggest flaw in EVMs.

JCV State president V. Laxmana Reddy said it was not the intention of the NGO to suggest that there was tampering in the elections. The organisation was only demonstrating possibilities of tampering. It was trying to mount pressure on the Election Commission to come up with EVMs that were superior in technology.


A demonstration was made on the occasion to show how a predetermined victory was possible by EVMs. Similarly, a natural result without tampering the EVM was demonstrated.



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