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Operation of this plant expected to provide relief to AP Transco

HYDERABAD: A 500-MW capacity unit of the Vijayawada Thermal Power Station (VPTS) built at a cost of Rs. 2,000 crore will be synchronised with the State grid on March 28.

The operation of this new plant is expected to provide relief to AP Transco which is finding it extremely difficult to meet the rising power demand in the State.

If run at full capacity, the plant will generate 12 million units daily, a significant contribution to the shortage-hit Transco but this will be done only after the plant stabilises after initial operation at 300-350 MW.

Low key affair

As election code is in place, the synchronisation will be a low key affair and only officials led by AP Genco managing director Ajay Jain will be present.

The new plant will raise the total installed capacity of VTPS to 1,760 MW. Coal linkage to the plant has been provided to the extent of 2.5 million tonnes annually from Mahanadi Coalfields.

Buffer stock

A senior AP Genco official said that the VTPS would not face any coal shortage as a buffer stock of 1.5 lakh tonnes had been built up.

Yet another 185 MW capacity plant is being constructed as an "integrated gasification combined cycle plant" in VTPS in technical collaboration with the BHEL. This will be the first plant of its kind in India as it uses gas that emanates when coal is burnt.

Energy demand

Meanwhile, the Transco met an energy demand of 206 mu on Friday.


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