Life was living hell for S. Ravi Kumar of the city. His snoring and the disturbed sleep with a lot of tossing and turning alarmed his family members. He was so tired during the day that he often dozed off sitting in the chair. He found it difficult to concentrate and remember things.

When someone suggested that he consult an ENT specialist Mr Kumar approached ENT specialist and sleep apnea surgeon T. V. Rajini Kanth.

Mr Kumar was diagnosed with a severe degree of obstructive sleep apnea. If his condition was left untreated he would have developed heart disease, diabetes and faced an increased risk of brain stroke. Because of a kidney disease he was advised not to take any pain killers. Dr Rajini Kanth used a combination of Coblation and flap technique to reduce the size of bodies causing obstruction to breathing while Mr Kumar was sleeping. Mr Kumar, who is cured of sleep apnea, can wake up refreshed again. The family too are relieved by his peaceful sleep, Dr Rajini Kanth said.