Latest technology has increased blood safety and enabled the blood bank of NTR Memorial Trust to recently declare two samples as HIV-positive after they were categorised as negative in Elisa test.

Using the new technique, ID-NAT (individual donor nucleic acid testing), the blood bank screened more than 5,000 samples in the past five months, CEO of the Trust, Venkat Motaparthy, said here on Tuesday.

NTR Memorial Trust’s blood bank is the only one in the State to have leveraged the latest technology.

It was among the 32 facilities across the country that use ID-NAT process, he told reporters.

It costs Rs.1,100 to screen one unit and is effective in detecting HIV, Hepatitis-B and -C with the unique advantage of significantly reducing the window period – down to five to 12 days from 40-50 days earlier -- for detection.

Mr. Venkat said the blood bank has a donor registry of 1.25 lakh people who donate blood regularly.