Special Correspondent

DPL centres will

be opened for the purpose: official

VIJAYAWADA: Designated Photography Location (DPL) centres will be opened in June for issuing new rations cards to the 28,193 families that were found eligible for white ration cards as well as to correct the mistakes in the cards already issued, District Civil Supplies Officer K. Singaiah said on Wednesday.

He said in a statement that the particulars of 1,92,957 ration cards were verified in a door-to-door survey conducted in the city. In the field level survey, as many as 43,346 ration cards were found to be ‘bogus' or ‘duplicate'. And the families holding another 8,563 cards were found to be ineligible to hold white ration cards. The details of all the bogus and duplicate cards and the families that were ineligible were made public in the division level meetings conducted on January 25, 27 and 28 and objections were invited from the people. Objections were received for 25,303 ration cards and at the end of the exercise 1,62,502 cards were found to be genuine, Mr. Singaiah said.