A transcranial Doppler system, worth Rs. 5.5 lakh and donated by the executive committee of the National Conference of Indian Academy of Neurology conducted at Visakhapatnam in 2003, was commissioned at the super speciality OP of Department of Neurology of King George Hospital here on Tuesday.

The new equipment would be helpful in treating the stroke, which was the second commonest cause of mortality and morbidity. It would study the various physical parameters of blood supply to the brain and useful in studying for the evidence of stenosis (abnormal narrowing) of any intracranial blood vessels and any evidence of spasm in the vessels,

This is portable equipment and could be easily used for screening and diagnosis of cause of stroke at the bedside, according to a press release from the KGH. Superintendent of KGH M. Madhusudhana Babu switched on the equipment.

The inauguration is followed by workshop on transcranial Doppler study by a neuro-sonologist certified by the American Imaging Society B. Lokesh. He provided hands-on experience to the faculty and post-graduate students of the department on using the system on stroke patients.