Notwithstanding the fact that several components of works are yet to be launched, GVMC wants to get ready the new beach at Lawson’s Bay by March next.

Until now, Asilmetta flyover had been a priority project with its location in the heart of the city and it not getting completed drawing flak from public and political parties.

Now GVMC will give top priority to the completion of the work on the new beach, says Municipal Commissioner M V Satyanarayana. The main aim is to reduce the congestion at Ramakrishna Beach, the closest to the city and generally crowded.

One of the major components in the development of the beach is, diverting the MVP storm water drain (gedda) with a box culvert behind Santi Ashramam at a cost of Rs. 5 crore. About 90 per cent of the work is completed on it.

Work on a road on the box culvert as an approach road has been taken up with Rs.70 lakh and 70 per cent of it is completed.

Other major work is earth-filling and preparing 2 acres of site and construction of retaining wall for protecting the beach with a cost of Rs.2.2 crore and BT road formation and walking track beside Kamat Hotel with an estimated cost of Rs.2 crore for which tenders have to be finalised.

Beautification of the burial ground nearby (cost Rs. 60 lakh), providing water supply and landscaping in the new beach area (Rs.1 crore) and construction work of pumping station for drain water (Rs.35 lakh) are among the works to be taken up. Mr. Satyanarayana reviewed the progress of works on Tuesday