IT professionals are usually associated with plush offices, high salaries and up-market life styles along with long and often unearthly working hours, so a national holiday would have been a good break from the daily grind.

But a small group of IT professionals from various companies came together under the banner of ForIT Film Club (FFC) and discussed deeper social issues like farmer suicides at Sundarayya Vignana Bhavan, Gachibowli, on Thursday.

FFC held the screening of ‘Nero's Guests' - a documentary made by Deepa Bhatia. The show was followed by an interactive session with P. Sainath, Rural Editor, The Hindu , on whose pioneering work the documentary is based on.

“People usually typecast IT professionals as those who live in ivory towers and remain oblivious to the social problems. It is our endeavour to create awareness about social issues among IT professionals,” Deepthi, a volunteer, said.

“Selection of Nero's Guests was a natural one as it delves into deeper aspects on the subject of farmer suicides. We are planning to screen more documentaries to improve awareness,” she explained.


Did the documentary, and later an interaction with Mr. Sainath, achieve its desired effect? “The documentary was thought-provoking. Though media reports farmer suicides, they never give the complete picture,” a participant Indira said.

First time

“This is the first time that we came to know about such issues. This knowledge will definitely spur us in extending our help in future,” her friend Kavya added.

But what help can these professionals extend towards the society? Mr. Sainath said that IT professionals were coming forward to help in various ways.

“These professionals do have the zeal to contribute towards social issues and are offering various software solutions along with participating in different activities,” he said.

“The awareness about farmer suicides is particularly strong in Andhra Pradesh as every one has at least one relative who is a farmer. This reason also spurs the software professionals here in extending help,” he observed.

FFC is an initiative from a city-based organisation Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT).

ForIT Film Club screens the documentary on farmer suicides made by Deepa Bhatia