Political angle ruled out

The police arrested Bondala Radhakrishna Reddy, a resident of Somalaregada village in Udayagiri area, on charges of murdering his wife, daughter, son and his own father before trying to commit suicide on the night of February 10.

In the dying declaration which was taken from Radhakrishna Reddy when his condition appeared serious, he had charged two of his political opponents for the murders. But after recovering from his injuries, he ‘confessed’ before the Government doctors and the police that he eliminated his family fearing that they might have to go to work in others’ agricultural fields following mounting debts.

Initial medical reports also indicated that while other family members got deep-cut fatal wounds, Radhakrishna Reddy sustained lighter cuts on head and neck which meant that he got self-inflicted injuries. Though there were 12 cuts on head and an equal number of injuries on neck, he was able to recover as they were not fatal.

As the sensational murders got a political colour, the investigation was continued under the close scrutiny of DGP V. Dinesh Reddy even as Superintendent of Police B.V. Ramana Kumar personally went to Chennai to question Radhakrishna Reddy and his father when they were admitted at a hospital there. The two injured persons were now brought to DSR District Headquarters Hospital in Nellore where Radhakrishna’s father Venkatasubba Reddy died on Sunday morning.

Mr. Ramana Kumar said that the atmosphere was disturbed in an otherwise peaceful village of Somalaregada after the incident, even as pressure was building up for the arrest of the two persons who were blamed by Radhakrishna Reddy. “Incidentally, these two persons were the ones who helped in shifting the injured Radhakrishna and his family in 108 ambulance,” he added.

Radhakrishna Reddy had six acres, of which three acres is ‘beedu’ (wasteland) and he shifted into his new house-cum-dairy farm, two kms from village, about two months ago. He got into Rs. 7 lakh debts and was stated to have decided to commit suicide two days prior to the incident. On the fateful night, he got drunk and switched off power before committing the murders. He first hacked his father and then his wife Ramadevi followed by his son and then daughter.

He then injured himself on head and neck, after which he lost consciousness due to bleeding.

  • In the dying declaration, Radhakrishna Reddy had charged two of his political rivals for murders

  • But after recovering from his injuries, he ‘confessed’ to the murders himself