Nellore District Collector B. Sridhar talked tough at a meeting here on Wednesday when he asked the district level officers of various departments to ‘begin works and show progress or go out of the district’.

“Why should I take the blame for something which you are responsible? From now on no officer can put the blame of lack of progress on lack on sand as it is being made available,” said Mr. Sridhar. He further said that MLAs and other people’s representatives were making numerous complaints about non-progress of works, which should not be the case any more.

Special mention

The Collector made a special mention of the Chief Executive Officer of Panchayat Raj, saying that there were more complaints about his department. The heads of other departments, which included housing, Rajiv Vidya Mission, rural water supply and so on, were also asked to rise up to the occasion and start works immediately.

For the past six months, works relating to the Government departments slowed down completely due to non-availability of sand. Now sand is made available at several reaches from where the Government departments concerned were asked to lift the sand after making requisitions before the authorised officers. Works worth crores of rupees were to be taken up immediately.

The officers of the concerned departments should identify the works, prepare estimates and make requisitions for sand. They would not be spared if they try to cause further delay on the pretext of not having sand.