Minister for Minority Affairs while addressing a press conference on 12.03.08 said that a “a Haj terminal would be created at the new airport for the benefit of Haj pilgrims”.

India is a secular country and not an Islamic republic.

Would a Hindu temple or a Gurudwara be created at this prestigious airport?

Further mosques are increasingly becoming “safe houses” for infiltrators from the sub continent.

Should we create this risk? At the time of Olympics in Greece, Saudi Arabia wanted to construct a mosque near Athens airport. But Greece refused and said that the Saudis were free to stay away from the Olympics.

India being a secular country should desist from making such moves.

David Raju,


Inconvenience to students

The bandh call given by the BJP in support of Telangana statehood appears to be eyewash (The Hindu dated 14-3-08).

The bandh caused great inconvenience to students appearing for intermediate examinations.

It may not be wrong to think that BJP is trying to outsmart the TRS in their move to have a separate Telangana state and is trying to cash in on the situation for its political gain.

This move of BJP is only to hijack the fruits which TRS is likely to pocket if the stir gains momentum.


Edi Bazar

Anti socials let off the hook

This is in reference to the news report of the death punishment given to Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan.

This is shocking news to every Indian citizen.

Our neighbour is sending a message across that any one trying to work for the cause of our country in Pakistan would be punished severely. On the other hand dreaded terrorists from across the border who attacked the Parliament and killed hundreds of civilians in bomb blasts and the ISI agents who were caught red-handed are let off by our officials, thereby, encouraging such anti-nationals to strike again. Our politicians feel proud to set free these anti-nationals who killed IPS officers like Krishna Parsad of Hyderabad.


Citizens’ Forum Hyderabad