Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Sustainable development is needed keeping in view the environment, society and economic practices, Director of North East Institute of Science and Technology (Jorhat) Paruchuri Gangadhara Rao said here on Thursday.

Environment and development must be balanced and there was a need to redefine efficiency and to minimise waste, Dr. Gangadhar Rao said while delivering the Prof. Chelikani Chiranjivi endowment lecture on “green technologies and the role of chemical engineers” organised by Andhra University.

“While thinking of a new plant, think of eliminating waste, as prevention is better. If the waste cannot not be minimised, think of recycling. If it is not possible to think of treatment of waste and if waste is inevitable, safe disposal or controlled release into air, water and land must be planned,” he said. A multi-disciplinary work was needed in providing a safe environment.


Nano-technology, green and sustainable chemistry, biotechnology, green fuels, high performing and recyclable material, green engineering and green technology and performance-based engineering were some of the areas that provide solution, Dr. Gangadhara Rao said.

Vice-Chancellor B. Satyanarayana said the topic was most apt in the present situation when there was concern over the damage due to pollution. Prof. Satyanarayana felt that green technology must be introduced as a topic of study in all science and engineering branches.

AU is organising the endowment lecture in honour of late Prof. Chiranjivi, a noted chemical engineer and a former Principal of AU College of Engineering.

Principal of AU College of Engineering P.S.N. Raju, HoD of chemical engineering Ramachandra Murthy also spoke.