Police told to act immediately

The eradication of child labour is the responsibility of everyone in this society, said the Vijayawada Urban Tahsildar R. Siva Rao.

A seminar-cum- workshop was organised by the National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development and Child Line on the abolition of child marriages for the Child Marriages Prohibition Officers. There had been a lot of development in the society on one side but at the same time due to lack of proper awareness child marriages were still happening, said Mr. Siva Rao. There was a need to create awareness about the law and the punishments among the common man, he opined. Whenever a complaint gets registered about such happenings the officials should not give into any external pressures and keep in mind the future of the children involved, he said. The police must take immediate action as soon as a complaint was filed, he said. The responsibility was not just of the officers, even a common man could dial 1098 and report child marriages taking place and aid in the eradication of the practise, he added.

The Woman and Child Welfare Development Project Director N.V. Raghava Rao spoke on this occasion and stated that the parents must make sure that the girls and boys were not married till they reach the age of 18 years and 21 years respectively. Awareness must be created among the parents about the consequences of such illegal child marriages, he said.

Child Welfare Association Krishna district member Jokkala Jayaraj, ICPS legal officer Praveen, Woman and Child Welfare Development Assistant Project Director Vasantha Bala, Child Line Director John Raju and other members also participated in this workshop.