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Expert sees critical role for fuel-cell and atomic energy in future

Boost for chemical research in the areas of nano-technology and material developmentNeed to improve quality of chemistry education in country stressed

KURNOOL: M.N. Sudheendra Rao, professor of chemistry at IIT Chennai, has underlined the need for harnessing solar energy, saying this natural energy source is not being used efficiently worldwide. As part of the Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers, South Zone programme, Prof Rao, accompanied by K. Sudhakar Babu, addressed meetings at Montessori School, St Joseph College and Silver Jubilee College and interacted with students on Monday and Tuesday.

Prof Rao said fuel-cell and atomic energy would play a critical role in future. Chemical research would get an impetus in the areas of nano-technology and material development. Brittle materials like ceramic and glass have many virtues. The material would do wonders if unbreakable versions were developed, he said.

Education quality

Similarly, smart materials in electronics and others areas were needed urgently. One should think of automation of cars used by the common man rather than giving the benefits of the technology to aircraft alone.

Though chemistry education in India was traditional in nature, the students were able to take part in international contests and win medals. Prof Rao said the IACT had embarked upon a mission to improve the quality of chemistry education by involving every teacher seeking suggestions for improvement. The association handed out a questionnaire on the teaching of chemistry in the country. Prof. Rao called upon the students to have a strong desire to set targets, determination not to get deviated from their avowed path even in the face of adversity times and a dedication to pursue their aim till the last.