HYDERABAD: The strength of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) in the country will be expanded from the existing 13 lakh cadets to 15 lakh cadets in the coming year with a special focus on encouraging girls to join NCC Directorate.

More number of cadets will be provided opportunities to take part in adventure camps and youth exchange programmes.

“In Andhra Pradesh, in the coming year we are aiming to enhance the number of girl cadets in NCC to match that of the boys. About 25 per cent of the 1.25 lakh NCC cadets from the State are girls and this percentage has to be increased to match equally with boy cadets,” said NCC Director General Lt. Gen. R.K. Karwal on Wednesday.

Youth exchange

The Director General was on a daylong visit to the NCC Directorate Headquarters in Secunderabad to interact with the cadets, officers and staff members of the NCC Directorate. “Till now 40,000 cadets got an opportunity to participate in youth exchange programmes and visit foreign countries. We are trying our best to increase this number to 80,000 this year,” he said in a press conference.

The NCC Director General had a special message for parents and NCC cadets.

“We request parents to encourage children to participate in NCC. Apart from providing special reservations for NCC in military academies, NCC basically moulds children into good citizens. Parents must realise this,” he said.

The Director General informed that AP NCC Directorate, which had already won the prestigious Prime Minister’s Republic Day Banner in 2008 and 09, is a strong contender for the next year’s prize.

NCC Director General was briefed by Deputy Director General NCC (AP) Air Cmdr H. J. Walia and thereafter by all the Group Commanders representing various districts of the State.