All participants of the All-India Nau Sainik Camp-2012 (AINSC-2012), including 560 NCC cadets, 15 associate NCC officers, 6 girl cadet instructors, 17 permanent instructors of the NCC, and officers of the All-India Nau Sainik Camp enjoyed a Day at Sea onboard three Naval ships of the Eastern Fleet on Thursday.

The cadets were thrilled by the experience onboard Naval ships. The conduct, discipline, élan of officers and sea warriors on board were inspiring for the cadets to join the Armed Forces, especially the Navy.

Cadets with engineering background were enthused by the technology and fire power adaptation onboard the Naval ships.

The Day at Sea onboard India Naval ships enabled the cadets to realise India’s might, especially on Eastern Board, Deputy Camp Commandant Col. Johnson Houlend said in a release issued here.