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Lok Satta National convenor's suggestion

  • `Naxal problem can be solved only through socio-economic means'
  • Lok Satta to support parties that shun use of liquor, money

    KARIMNAGAR: Naxalism cannot be wiped out as long as there is suppression and disparity in the country, said the Lok Satta Party National Convenor, Jayaprakash Narayan here on Monday.

    The Lok Satta founder was here to participate in several programmes, including a seminar on the `Role of youth in nation building' and interaction with the women self-help group members. Talking to newsmen, he said that the problem could be solved only through socio-economic development of the society and removal of suppression. However, he said that "there is no role for violence in society and any problem could be solved through non-violence and democratic methods.''

    Reacting to a query, he said that a State could be formed, reorganised, realigned geographically according to the Constitution in a democratic set-up. There would not be any problem if Telangana was separated nor would there be a problem if it remained within an united Andhra Pradesh, he remarked. However, he refused to elaborate about his party policy in the matter of smaller States.

    To a query, he said that they would extend support to the party, which does not use money, liquor or muscle power in the by-election to the Karimnagar Parliament constituency. Expressing concern over the by-election in Karimnagar, which is a burden on the State exchequer, he said that the Election Commission should collect the election expenses from the party, which had forced the by-election without any reason.

    He also said that they had applied for registration as a political party with the Election Commission and would organize a public meeting in Hyderabad on October 15 and educate the people about the importance of change in the political system.

    Later, participating in a seminar on "Role of youth in nation-building at the Vivekandana Degree College in the town, Mr Jayaprakash Narayan called upon the youth to fight and eradicate corruption from society. He said that the future of the country lay in the hands of youth.