Every year 50 to 60 youngsters from various parts of Karimnagar district join the armed forces

Gone are the days when rural youth chooses the “wrong path” of joining the Left-wing extremist group in the name of “revolution”. Now it is the other way round. The youth, mostly from rural areas, prefer to join the armed forces and serve the nation and emerge as a role model in their respective villages.

Thanks to the initiatives taken by former administrators, right from Debabratha Kantha to Smita Sabharwal, and the district police machinery, the rural youth and others are enlightened about various employment opportunities in the armed forces and also through pre-Army recruitment rallies in coordination with ex-servicemen, police personnel and the National Cadet Corp battalion in Karimnagar.

Param Vir Chakra

Even when Captain B. Vijaya Raghunandhan Rao of Sircilla region joined the Armed forces in the 1970s and was conferred Param Vir Chakra posthumously, majority of the people did not know how to join the armed forces and consequently the district lagged behind in the enrolment of youth.

However, the Captain Vijaya Raghunandhan Rao Charitable Trust, after installing his statue in the town, inculcated patriotism among rural youth since 2001 onwards.

Since then, the joining of the youth increased manifold into the armed forces. The District Sanik Welfare officials said that there were hardly around 300 ex-servicemen in the district early 2000. Now, it had reached 803 ex-servicemen and 170 widows. There are still four ex-servicemen and 13 widows of Second World War in the district.

Thanks to the various benefits to the solders working in the armed forces, the District Sanik Welfare officials said that every year around 50 to 60 youth from various parts of the district are joining the armed forces after being selected in various recruitment rallies.

Top officials

They said that the district had produced several top officials like Lt. Col. Praveen Kumar, Col. Gopal Reddy, Captain Dr. Surya Chandra Rao, Major Jitendra Yadav, flying officer Md. Abdul Rauful Hussain, JCO Narayana Reddy and many others.

“The youth are getting attracted to the huge pay and other benefits in the service and also after retirement benefits. Besides, the social status and respect in the country are motivating the youth to join armed forces,” they said and added they are planning to conduct mandal-level awareness programmes to encourage more youth to join armed forces.

  • More mandal-level awareness programmes to be held to encourage youth to join armed forces

  • There were hardly around 300 ex-servicemen in the district before the year 2000