Using chemicals to increase yield is hazardous, he says

Noted agricultural activist Subhash Palekar asserted that chemical and organic systems of farming were not useful to farmers in the long run.

By claiming that organic farming was sustainable, scientists were misleading the nation.

Organic farming

Organic farming actually destroys the five elements that were crucial to growth of plants and, it was costlier than what the farmers and policy-makers were made to believe.

Chemical farming was not a safe alternative as hazardous chemicals were used for achieving higher yields.

Natural farming is the best way to achieve good qualitative production though a wider consensus is yet to emerge both among the scientific community and, farmers whose ignorance continues to affect their fortunes, said Mr. Palekar.

Addressing a national seminar on ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming' organised by Bharathiyata, a voluntary organisation here on Thursday, Mr. Palekar said top agricultural scientists from across the globe who participated in an international seminar at Colombo recently, failed to give a satisfactory definition for ‘sustainable agriculture' which was in fact not sustainable in the true sense, hence not of much use to the farmers.

Sustainable agriculture should really help farmers achieve the desired results in a true symbiotic relationship with nature.

On the contrary, natural farming involves less or no investment and optimum utilisation of the five elements of nature.

This was not the case with Green Revolution, which produces poisonous food at enormous costs to the farmers.

It was therefore time that natural farming was embraced on a much larger scale to protect ‘our birth right to poison-less food and pollution-free water which were possible only with natural farming, Mr. Palekar added.

Joint Director of Agriculture Y. Pulla Reddy and Tulasi Seeds chairman T. Ramachandra Prabhu and others were present.

  • National seminar on ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming' held
  • Top agricultural scientists from across the globe participate in it