Telugu diaspora in US plans to involve NRI youth in various events

In tune with the all-pervasive mood and linguistic fervour ahead of the 4th World Telugu Conference slated for December 27, the Non-Resident Telugus are also keen on jumping into the fray by taking up some event or the other.

As those directly witness to the ‘cultural invasion’ and feeling the ‘threat of existence’, the Telugu Diaspora in the USA has woken up to the gloomy reality and plan to undo the situation. While many feel elated at the State government holding the well-meaning conference after a long time, a section is peeved at not being involved in the process.

Meanwhile, the North America Telugu Society (NATS) has announced to involve youth to a large extent in the events, which holds the key to perpetuating Telugu language and culture to the next generation.

By holding a marathon ‘5K Run’, the NATS seeks to ensure that more youngsters volunteer to join the run, as the organisers of the events are found to be in the 45-60 age group, with whom the youth find it difficult to rub shoulders.

Right platform

“The marathon is the right platform to create awareness in the high school, intermediate and degree students on the dire situation our language and culture are in,” says NATS Joint Treasurer Prasad Papudesi.

In a telephonic interview to The Hindu from California, he explained that the NRTs were losing their identity at an unbelievable pace and hence their eagerness to participate in WTC. Children born and growing abroad would be brought to witness the event and mix with their peers living in Telugu land, so that they can understand the local culture, food habits, attitude towards elders, nature etc. Mr. Papudesi, who is also the co-founder of the Chittoor NRIs Association, said the initiatives like ‘Telugu Thota’ in southern California and ‘Mana Badi’ across the USA to teach Telugu language to US-bred children in a bid to keep their roots alive.