The name change of the cooking gas consumers is going on in the district at the offices of the LPG dealers concerned.

Those who are using the connections in the name of others but booking the refills for them can now get the records changed in their names. The consumers can visit the LPG dealer with the photocopy of their Aadhaar card, four photographs of passport size, original registration form of the cooking gas connection and an affidavit.

In the event of change of name within the family, no charges will be collected from the consumers. In case of outside the family, the consumer will have to pay the difference amount in the deposit to the dealer to do away with the name change.

Joint Collector A. Babu, in a statement here, advised the consumers to make use of the facility.

Consumers can visit the LPG dealer with copy of Aadhaar card, four photos, original registration form and an affidavit