TRS district leaders took strong exception to the remarks made by TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu, who reportedly branded TRS as a ‘gang of thieves’.

Poor response

TRS district president T. Ravinder Rao and MLA D. Vinay Bhaskar and others said that Mr. Naidu’s remarks reflect his frustration as his padayatra had evoked poor response in the district.

The TDP leader was expressing anger at TRS as the people of Telangana were not responding well to his padayatra. It was the TDP’s tradition to sell Assembly tickets, something TRS did not do, they claimed.

“Everybody in the State knows that Mr. Naidu sold Rajya Sabha tickets to T. Devender Goud, Sujana Choudhary, G. Sudha Rani and C.M. Ramesh,” they said.

Corrupt legislators

The TDP was full of corruption and the fact was established when Lok Satta Party chief Jayaprakash Narayan released the list of corrupt legislators in Assembly. About 30 MLAs from the TDP were listed as corrupt, Ravinder Rao added.

In Warangal, Baswa Reddy was removed as the Zilla Parishad chairman due to corruption charges, Mr. Vinay Bhaskar pointed out.

Politics into business

The TRS leaders said that it was the TDP leader who had turned politics into a business enterprise and hence had no moral right to criticise the TRS or K. Chandrasekhara Rao.

Party leaders K. Rajaiah Yadav, Gudimalla Ravi Kumar, Mohammed Nayeemddin were present.