Special Correspondent

‘Do not drag personal lives of NTR family members into public domain’

HYDERABAD: Telugu Desam party president N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday warned Congress and Praja Rajyam leaders against dragging personal lives of NTR family members into political domain.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Naidu reacted strongly to the Congress and PR leaders questioning Balakrishna and Junior NTR’s campaign points.

“It shows that the leaders of the two parties are scared of getting washed away in the political tsunami created by the two film stars.

The two parties could even carry out a joint campaign against TDP, but let them avoid personal attacks.”

He said if the TDP leaders so desired they could speak a lot about the families of Congress as well as Praja Rajyam leaders, but their discipline and culture prevented them from doing so.

“People will detest such comments on personal lives and will teach them a lesson. After all, no family is devoid of small differences here and there. To magnify them and present before the people is wrong.”

Mr. Naidu found it strange for a Minister of Mr. Rosaiah’s stature to hurl abuses at Opposition and then rush to the Chief Electoral Officer to lodge a complaint.

“Today, he is seeking a ban on films of NTR, Balakrishna and Junior NTR. Tomorrow, he will ask us to vacate our houses. Their complaints only expose their frustration.”


He clarified that the party has not made any complaint against Arogyasri. “As usual, the Congress is giving a twist like it did earlier charging the TDP with having petitioned Election Commission against State government employees when there was none.”


He brushed aside differences over seat sharing with grand alliance partners saying there are bound to be some problems in such a large alliance but these would be overcome in a few days’ time.