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We have lost everything, including utensils, wail the victims

  • Naidu goes inside houses to call on victims
  • Victims say nobody has bothered to visit them
  • There is no embankment on the right side of Nagavali, posing a threat to people
  • Sanitation is bad in many colonies

    SRIKAKULAM: Flood victims, who had spent traumatic hours seeing their houses in neck deep water for more than 24 hours, narrated their tale of woe to Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu, who visited areas like Hayat Colony, Gujaratipeta and Krishna Park which bore the brunt of floods for the second time in one moth, on Monday. Finding a listener with empathy and patience in the person of Mr. Naidu, they vividly recalled the heart-rending hardship they underwent for more than 48 hours and how nobody had bothered to visit their colonies. "We have lost every thing including utensils," they said.

    Mr. Naidu, along with other leaders like party MP Kinjarapu Yerrannaidu, district unit president Tammineni Sitaram and former Minister Gundla Applasuryarayana waded through the narrow lanes and went inside the houses which included thatched houses where some were seen suffering from fever and were bed-ridden.

    Unhygenic conditions

    The sanitation was bad and filth was seen in many areas. The TDP leaders travelled by a topless jeep and heard people's woes. Did they get any help? Some said they were given 20 kg rice and five litres of kerosene. But this they got only after two days and this too was confined to white card holders.

    Addressing a street corner meeting in Hiyat colony, Mr.Chandrababu Naidu recalled how during his regime help was extended to all victims, irrespective of whether they had white ration cards or pink ration cards. There should be no discrimination, he said, appealing to all concerned to extend assistance to all.

    Nurseries damaged

    There is no embankment on the right side of the Nagavali river and colonies on this side had suffered heavily whenever the river was in spate.

    This was brought to the notice of the former Chief Minister by affected people on the right bank of the Nagavali. They wanted an embankment to protect them from the floods.

    Mr. Chandrababu Naidu later visited other affected areas like Urlam, Polaki and Peddapadu in the Narasannapeta Assembly segment. Large tracks of nursery beds and transplanted fields were badly affected in these parts.

    TDP MLA Kinjarapu Acheyya Naidu joined the group.