On the 10th day of his padayatra, TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu made a special effort to dear himself to the farming community all along his route on Thursday.

Mr. Naidu, who started his day from the Penekalapadu village in the Rayadurgam assembly constituency, which saw the TDP candidate Deepak Reddy lose out to the YSRC candidate in the recent by-elections, made a special effort to woo the farmers and project a pro-farmer image. Speaking to farmers all along the padayatra route, he enquired about their falling incomes, heeding to their requests for additional borewells and water from HLC canal.

‘TDP focus on 3 issues’

Speaking at a public meeting at Sollapuram village of the Kanekal mandal , he alleged that people of the State never faced the kind of hardships they were facing now under the Congress rule.

Saying that three issues would formulate his policy, if and when TDP comes back to power, he said that making agriculture profitable, fight on poverty and corruption would be the three issues that would shape his policy.

He observed that agriculture in the State, currently, had become a profession where the farmer is paying out of his pocket to feed others while he continued to starve, not just for food but also hope of a better tomorrow.

Promising the farmers that he would fight it out with the State government on their behalf, he urged the people to join this fight in trying to earn back their right to a sustainable livelihood and a profitable and meaningful life where their children also enjoyed the same opportunities as everyone else did, thanks to their riches.

Mr. Naidu also criticised the government on the drinking water front asking the Chief Minister to step down if he could not even provide drinking water to people inspite of having over a lakh and half crores of annual budget.