Special Correspondent

  • State wakf properties go up to 70,795
  • Rs. 127 cr. earmarked to protect wakf properties
  • HYDERABAD: The Government is taking all necessary steps to provide reservations to Muslims in employment and education from July.

    Announcing this at a press conference here on Monday after a review of the issues relating to minorities welfare, Minorities Welfare Minister Mohd. Ali Shabbir said, the Government had held several rounds of discussions with legal and Constitutional experts already with a view to

    overcoming the difficulty posed by the case pending before the Supreme Court.

    Indications were that the hurdle could be surmounted and the benefit could be extended to Muslims from July when the academic year would begin, he added.

    A massive budget of Rs. 127 crores had been provided this year for minorities' welfare.

    Revenue authorities had been asked to surrender 400 acres of "open land" near International Business School belonging to Dargah Hazqat Hussaini Shahwali. He said a decision had been taken to observe "minority welfare day" every year.