Water level in the Musi project at Kethepalli has reached the near-full stage with 644.5 ft, as against the maximum of 645 ft., thanks to the recent heavy rain in the district as also the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, under the impact of the cyclone.

The level should have attained the peak much earlier, but for the leakage of 400 cusecs of water daily because of defective crust gates and damage to the project in general. The government, according to officials, is not able to carry out repairs for improving its functioning, as the project is now listed as a major irrigation unit, which bars it from assistance from non-government sources.

Even the funds provided by the department have been abused, resulting in delayed works. Prior to 2008-09, the Musi project was a medium irrigation project. Farmers in Suryapet, who depend on the project for meeting irrigation (30,000 acres) and drinking water needs, feel the urgency of stemming the damage in view of the demand for rabi crops.

Meanwhile, the project officials, water users’ association, farmers and committee members at a meeting in Kethepalli on Thursday decided to release water for the rabi season from December 18 for 100 days in four phases, till the project level reaches 617 ft.

The level should have attained its peak earlier, but for the leakage of 400 cusecs of water daily