Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Museums across the world are being recognised as social institutions against their past image of cultural storehouses.

And the need of the hour is to keep apace with changes in the society, observed speakers at the Annual General Conference of Museums Association of India on Monday.

Inaugurated by Minister for Tourism, Culture and Information Anam Ramnarayana Reddy, the three-day conference would focus mainly on ‘Museum as a profession: issues and challenges’.

Praising the Salar Jung Museum as a prominent tourist destination in the city, the Minister said that contrary to their past image of being mere storehouses, the role of the present-day museums extended to preservation, demonstration and dissemination of culture.

He detailed different activities taken up by the Salar Jung Museum over a decade including reorganisation, construction of new blocks and exhibitions of Nizam’s jewellery among others. He later released the Journal of Museums Association of India.

Need for change

Change should be brought about in the activities, outlook and attitudes of the museums towards better contribution to the development of the country, said former director of the museum M.L.Nigam. The focus of museums henceforth should be man and not the object, he said.

The conference is being attended by academicians and students across the country. Director of Salar Jung Museum A.K.V.S.Reddy, also spoke.