The mystery shrouding the death of D. Ravi Kumar, a kitchen supervisor at a dhaba, on the Beach Road was unravelled with the arrest of the accused N. Keshava Rao on Saturday.

Ravi Kumar (35) of Vizianagaram district worked at wine shops and dhabas for a livelihood. He joined as kitchen supervisor at a dhaba at Collectorate Down Road near the Naval Coast Battery 10 days ago, Assistant Commissioner of Police (East) S. Venkata Rao said.

The victim and the accused, who were both bachelors, used to reside at Allipuram. They became friends and used to drink liquor together. Ravi Kumar had a love affair with an assistant faculty member of a nursing college in Vizianagaram. The woman used to visit his house at that time.

Ravi Kumar tried to sexually exploit the woman in the name of love. Realising his real intention, the woman started to avoid him. She confided in the accused of the harassment and urged him to counsel Ravi Kumar as they were both friends.

On April 4 evening, Ravi Kumar and Keshava Rao spent some time together drinking liquor. Keshava Rao tried to counsel his friend against harassing the woman and suggested that he marry her. But Ravi Kumar warned Keshava Rao against interfering in his personal matter. This enraged the accused. Keshava Rao invited Ravi Kumar for drink on the Beach Road with an intention to eliminate him.

They consumer liquor till late in the night and later had an argument about the woman. Keshava Rao allegedly hit him with a sharp-edged stone on the forehead, killing Ravi Kumar on the spot.

During the course of investigation and on getting reliable information on Saturday, One Town Inspector S. Eliyas Mohammed, SIs G. Nagamani and A. Satya Rao and their team arrested the accused at Leela Mahal junction.