To tweet or not to tweet. That was the question of the week for Union Minister Shashi Tharoor who was caught on the wrong side of the tweets with his ‘cattle class’ and ‘holy cow’ comment on popular networking site Twitter.

With the party high command taking a serious look at this ‘tweeting’ habit, Tharoor was forced to apologise. But many felt that the issue was blown out of proportion by the media, which is always on the lookout for a ‘bakra’ to satiate their 24/7 news coverage. “The issue cannot be classified as news too!’ says a regular user of Twitter.

And not surprisingly, Twitter added some new Indians belonging to its account after the furore, not to mention the sudden jump in followers. One question remains to be answered. How is it that the media never made a hue and cry about ‘erra bus’ comments, popularly used to classify villagers that are seen so often in movies and elsewhere?