A feature film named ‘Mr. Rowdy’ has been conducting its shooting in Warangal Fort for the last one week.

Some fighting scenes were being shot in the backdrop of Warangal Fort, one of the great monuments of the Kakatiya reign. Veteran cine stars Suman and Babu Mohan were among the star cast of this movie and participated in Thursday’s shooting.

It is a didactic movie that aims to highlight local talent and unearth the beauty of locations in and around Warangal.

The film director, Mr. Sridhar, and producer Shyamala Ganesh are playing the lead roles, with heroine Madhu Lagnadas and Meena Kumari. Local educationist Mr. Bura Vidya Sagar also plays an important role in the film.

Chatrapathi Shekar, Mukthar Khan, Rajendra, Sadanandham, Thoupi Srikanth Raju are the other actors. Cameraman Chakri and fight master Madhu are conducting the shooting.