Staff Reporter

Kakinada: Amalapuram MP G.V. Harsha Kumar has expressed anguish that it has become a routine for some district officials to promise to solve the problems in the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (DVMC) meeting and delaying remedial action on one pretext or the other.

He was drawing the attention of Bhadrachalam MP M. Babu Rao, who presided over the DVMC held on Saturday, to the fact that several protected water schemes in his constituency were lying defunct in spite of several pleas by him and other people’s representatives at the village and mandal levels.

Indiramma houses

Collector Gopalakrishna Dwivedi replied that he would ensure that the issues raised by the people’s representatives in the DVMC meetings were given due priority and fix responsibility on the officials for failure to set things right.

MLAs – Thota Gopalakrishna (Peddapuram) and Ch. Babu Ramesh (Yellavaram) – sought urgent action to complete the construction of houses under the Indiramma scheme. Mr. Gopalakrishna said it would be useful to place certain amount of funds at the disposal of the Collector in order to avoid procedural delays. Mr. Ramesh said the government could sanction funds for repairs to houses of those who might be left out of (Indiramma) the scheme. Pithapuram MLA P. Dorababu wanted more works inspectors to be appointed to expedite the process of construction of houses.

Before the meeting began, Mr. Gopalakrishna requested the Collector to know the plight of children who were staging a protest outside his (Collector’s) office compound against the merger of upper primary (UP) schools with high schools. The Collector said he would ensure that the guidelines laid down under the G.O. 76 were not violated.