N. Rahul

HYDERABAD: The State government is considering a proposal to slightly bring down the weight of schools bags by merging text-books with workbooks from Classes VI to X.

Proposal cleared

The proposal which was cleared by a committee of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is pending before the Director of Textbook Printing Press. On receiving his consent, it would be discussed with teachers’ union, School Education Commissioner Poonam Malakondaiah said here on Wednesday.

She said the merger of textbooks with workbooks would reduce weight for children as the thick bound cover of the workbooks would be eliminated. After merger, the workbook portion in the textbook would be minimal. The books were proposed to be printed in A 4 size with bold letters in print.

The merger would also reduce 35 titles of books from Classes VI to X besides cutting down cost overheads in printing and transport. Moreover, the delay in shifting workbooks to schools would be avoided. She noticed that the workbooks were the last batch of consignment to be shifted to schools from godowns when the academic year began. They were yet to be supplied to children during one of her recent inspections.