Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: It was really a dream come true to the orphaned mothers.

The aged women, who are isolated from the family relations, forcing them to lead a life of recluse in an orphanage, were thrilled to celebrate the Mother’s Day on Sunday.

The fans led by Pawan Kalyan fans association district president Md Arif Ahmed, Ram Charan Teja fans association district president Kothwal Srinivas, and others G Hariprasad, Md Saleem, Chary and others went to the Veera Brahmendra Swamy home for the orphans in Housing board colony in Karimnagar and greeted the aged mothers and sought their blessings on the occasion of Mother’s Day. They also distributed fruits to all the inmates and spent some time with them. Earlier, the fans had also distributed an air-cooler for the inmates of the orphanage

Donates eyes

Incidentally, an aged woman orphan of the same orphanage Burra Rambhai (73), who passed away on Sunday, had donated her eyes to the Lions Club of Karimnagar. She had pledged the donation of her eyes after the death to Lions Club. The orphanage organizer Venumadhav informed about the death of aged woman to the Lions Club, who in turn deputed Dr Krishna Ingle and others to collect the eyeballs and shifted them to the LV Prasad eye hospital.