Numerous IT companies in the city are willingly employing Persons With Disabilities

Isolated and ostracised by most, including their kin, persons afflicted with disability have been unjustly denied their due for years. They are today, however, finding a new lease of life with the burgeoning Information Technology (IT) sector opening up to assimilate them.

Numerous IT companies in the city are willingly employing Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), providing them opportunities for employment and growth. “There were few training programmes in the past which supported employment of PWDs. But, in recent times several advanced tools and information systems for disabled persons have been made available. This has created several opportunities for them in the sector,” said Neeraja, manager, IT and ITES Industry Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITsAP).

Without compromising on the merit of their employees, IT companies are increasingly becoming equal-opportunity employers. While behemoths like Wipro, Infosys, Mahindra Satyam and Deloitte have employed a sizable number of disabled persons, they make for at least 1 per cent of the workforce in several small and medium size companies in the sector too.

Those with visual, locomotive and hearing impairments besides those with cerebral palsy and pro-epilepsy disability are among those who have been employed. Although their employment rate is not very high, there is a conscious effort by several companies to incorporate persons with disabilities.

Wipro is one of companies to have employed over 250 PWDs, besides creating over 54 inclusive HR policies for them, including flexible application forms, recruitment tests, training and rules for their benefit.

“Our focus is not on just hiring PWDs, but it is on comprehensive employment that will provide them opportunity to grow.

0Every aspect of the company's environment has been made conducive to their functioning,” said Isaac George, vice-president, HR, Wipro.

PWDs have been employed across all levels in the sector such as business analysts, project managers, domain specialists and software engineers. Several IT companies have also partnered with NGOs like Mahindra Satyam Foundation and LSN Foundation to reach out to PWDs to fill their vacancies.

“IT companies too are at a great advantage employing PWDs as they are extremely committed and loyal.,” said Bidhan Kankate, regional director, NASSCOM, AP.

  • PWDs make for at least 1 per cent workforce in several small and medium-sized companies
  • Several IT companies partner with NGOs to reach out to PWDs to fill their vacancies