There are several pharmacy colleges in Krishna and Guntur districts, but the pharmacy industry in these districts is not big enough to absorb all the graduates that come out, said Jupudi Ranga Raju, Bharatiya Janata Party MLC candidate for Krishna-Guntur Graduates Constituency.

Addressing the media here on Friday Mr. Ranga Raju introduced himself as the son of former MLC Jupudi Yegneswara Rao and as a lawyer who had a practice of over three decades. Mr. Raju is also the correspondent of an educational institution.

Saying that the BJP had selected him as the candidate for the Krishna-Guntur Graduates Constituency of the Legislative Council, Mr. Raju opined a revision of the State Education Act, 1982, was his top priority.

There were several changes in the educational sector since the enactment of the law, but Government was still running the show with the archaic act.

The rules of governing grant-in-aid needed to be changed.

Teachers who were eligible were having difficulty in getting the benefit if they missed it for one reason or the other. About the unemployed graduates Mr Raju charged the State and Central Governments with neglecting them.