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The almanac gives district and town-wise details

Rajahmundry: Pidaparti Poornaiah Vignan Trust has improvised its online Viswapanchangam with more details and additional information with regard to the almanac calendar.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, trust members Pidaparti Srinivasa Sarma, Butte Sidhanti and others said that the changed almanac calendar gives district and town wise details of the date, day, star, auspicious movements, ‘durmuhurthams’ and other details day, week, month and year-wise. They said that local conditions, climate, time, attitudes of people, area and other issues also would be taken into consideration while preparing Panchangam which suits that area.

The online Panchangam prepared by Pidaparti Subrahmanyam, Bhopal, and his team with the help of many almanac calendar specialists is a trusted one and it is uploaded with high technical values.

Pidaparti Panchangams are popular among the Telugu households from many generations and the trust is doing research work from so many years. “All astrological calculations have been taken into consideration,” said Prof. Subrahmanyam while speaking to The Hindu from Bhopal.

He said that one can take maximum advantage of browsing this almanac calendar through their website and e-mail address is He said that Vikruti nama samvatsaram, the coming Telugu year, would be good for Andhra Pradesh.