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International conference on recent advances in the field held

Call for more efforts to improve upon metals

‘Different combinations of metals being worked out’

VIJAYAWADA: Speakers at an international conference on ‘recent advances in materials, processing and characterisation’ here on Thursday stressed the need for making more efforts to improve upon metals and meet rising challenges to material science in future.

The department of mechanical engineering of VR Siddhartha Engineering College (VRSEC) organised the international conference to discuss all aspects regarding advances in metals, ceramics, polymers, composite materials and other metals.

The experts pointed out that the future challenge lay in making metals that could offer strength and also additional value.

K. Ramesh, Director of Hyderabad-based Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI), who was the chief guest, said that different combinations of metals were being worked out to make strong and suitable composites that could be used to meet the new requirements of fast-flying planes while saving a lot on fuel consumption.

He pointed out that steel was a versatile metal, which continued to serve any purpose in various combinations.

Mohini M. Sain, founder director of the Centre for Bio-composites at the University of Toronto in Canada, said Mother Nature was a rich source of various metals and transitions were taking place solely revolving around metals.

The material science would be all the more important at a time when a transition was in progress from a petro-economy to a bio-economy.

Stress on interaction

Siddhartha Academy secretary P.L.N. Prasad said the students of engineering had everything to gain from exposure and interaction with professors and scholars having international experience. He said that only through interaction, students would be able to enhance their knowledge and get opportunities to conduct research.

Principal K.R.K. Prasad, head of the department K. Murali Mohana Rao, organising secretary A.V. Ratna Prasad and others were present.