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Groundnut , paddy worst hit due to heavy rain in Kurnool district

Paddy yield dropped from 35 to 30 bags per acreIn October alone 480 mm rainfall was recordedRabi crops benefited due to sufficient rain

Kurnool: In a year of abundant rainfall, rabi crops benefited more than those sown during the kharif period. In the district, all monsoon crops, including paddy, suffered damage of different degree due to excessive rain.

On the other hand, Bengal gram and red gram gained.

According to officials, groundnut and paddy yield dropped by 30 per cent and 20 per cent respectively. Groundnut was cultivated on 2.1 lakh hectares in the district and the yield was less by 200 kg per hectare. Paddy, which withstands saline conditions also suffered damaged due to heavy rain in October.

According to an estimate, the average yield of paddy dropped from 35 to 30 bags per acre due to incidence of bacterial leaf blight and blast.

'No sunshine'

There was also no sunshine for 15 days, which affected badly. In October alone, 480 mm of rainfall was recorded. After a gap of three years, paddy was cultivated in 2 lakh acres this year.

Good yield

Bengal gram, which was sown in September, had improved its yield by30 per cent.

In addition to the good rain in the sowing season, sufficient dew during winter helped the crop. The yield of red gram also increased this year because of vegetative growth and less incidence of pest problem.